Origins of The Song of Asura

Roaring echoes of battle filled the air as Mahabali, the son of Vorchana and grandson of Hiranyakashipu, lead his Asuran clan in a fight to seize control of the three worlds; Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. His relentless forces breached the gates of Heaven and routed the gods, leaving Mahabali standing victorious as Emperor of all three realms. The vanquished gods sought help from Vishnu, one of the Three Supreme Gods, and he accepted to aid them. Lord Vishnu, using guile and deception, condemned Mahabali to be exiled into the Underworld. But before he was taken away forever, Mahabali asked for a boon from Vishnu - knowledge about the future of his kin the Asuras. Touched by the request, Lord Vishnu granted him this wish and in return Mahabali composed the greatest work ever created by Asuras - The Song Of Asura - which contained secrets about his people's destiny. The Asuras were a proud people, and when their King Mahabali was condemned to the underworld, they swore vengeance on the gods. Bana, his son, led an immense force of Asuras to the gates of heaven, determined to reign down destruction on the false deities. But suddenly, a dense fog descended upon them, so thick that not even the mightiest warrior could be seen. Then, as if by some mysterious magic, the fog cleared and with it vanished all trace of the Asura army. For thousands of years, nothing was heard from them - until one day The Song Of Asura prophesied: "Once there was an empire filled with power and pride, Ruled by the Mighty Asura's side. But suddenly it vanished without a trace, Leaving no clues or signs for us to chase. The land faded away in the blink of an eye, It's history doomed to become a distant cry. Yet still a prophecy speaks of a king who will come anew, Bearing courage and strength that none can outdo. The Song Of Asura can be still be heard from afar, In this city that once belonged to the Asura's tsar. For through time tales have been spread far and wide; That one day a great king will return strong at their side. His kingdom will rise up from the ashes below; The power of the Asuras will start to grow! Though they may have vanished they never truly died; For with their king back on his throne they will stand tall and fly high!"

5/1/20231 min read

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